“They know what they do” – Trends in Social Media meet-up summary

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Insightful 90 minutes - event spectators, online and on location learned about most trending topics and why the right wing party "De Vlaams Belang" so-to-say "won" the elections.
Marcel Weyrich and Nicolas Baygert

In short: “They know what they do”, says Nicolas Baygert, head of Brussels-based Protagoras thinktank (IHECS). Find the presentation sliedes about the most liked posts of Members of European Parliament (MEP) ’14 – ’19 and the live stream upload with Baygert’s key learnings about why the political campaigns of De Vlaams Belang were so successful.

Top 3 MEP’s posts presentation slides

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We conducted a survey of all Members of European parliament that posted during the last week before the elections.

Why “De Vlaams Belang” won the elections

Key learnings from Dr. Nicolas Baygert


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A big thank you to our sponsors and partners.

We value a lot the support of Brusses School of International Studies for support to spread the word amongst students, giving the meet-up team a room and helping with whatever they can.

We thank the Protagoras thinktank to supporting and promoting the event – the Protagoras head Dr. Nicolas Baygert for his time and presentation of his case study as well as promoting the event.

Last but not least a big thank you for Impact Media, hosting the event, providing live-stream support and believing in the idea of the meet-up.

Weyrich Marcel

Weyrich Marcel

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