Corona: 3 things companies should do right now on social media

What you can do right now to react to Corona as a company. Pro tips after one week of crisis communication.

Tip 1: Talk about it! Post it on Facebook & Co.

How often did you check if your favorite store is available or not? That’s exactly what your clients will do. Don’t post to hasty (wait for what the authorities oblige you to do before saying somthing contrary) but dont wait too long – every minute counts for sales.

My pro tips for a maximum of visibility

New in Google Maps: Posts in “Google My Business
  • Pro tip! Post your opening hours / webshop in your Google Maps entry (access via Google My Business).
  • Put pour facebook status to “pinned” (also on Twitter!) und make the post picture a “featured content” in your main gallery
  • Post an Instagram story and make it a highlight

Tip 2: Mention your webpage and / or webshop

Future e-commercel: Corona will skyrocket it

Do you have webshop? Maybe even just for vouchers? Then tell your clients! If you don’t have one, think about setting one up (even if it is just for vouchers). More tips about that in the next post.

Don’t forget those (obvious) channels:

  • Website (do you have a news section? A blog? Add a statement to the home page)
  • Newsletter (mention how already made bookings are refunded / postponed)
  • auto responder (if you use it – change the opening hours)

Tip 3: Stop your ads and scheduled posts – now!

Stopping my facebook ads in the Business Manager

Do you know any good immediate measures? Share them in the comments! Let us gather and make us own the moment instead of suffering from it.

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